- Slyder for Pocket PC -

Slyder* is a colorful and addictive puzzle game. The goal of the game is to help maneuver a ball named Slyder through a series of mazes using stylus or Pocket PC hardware keys. Slyder will slide until he hits a wall, so it is up to you to keep him from sliding off the map, down a pit, or into unfriendly characters. As you progress, new obstacles and gadgetry will be introduced to increase the game''s variety and difficulty.


With over 120 challenging levels you''ll be hooked on Slyder in no time!

Over 120 levels in Puzzle mode


Ten game characters add to the mind-bending mayhem


Entertaining art and a fun music soundtrack


Be warned: its easy to play, but hard to stop!

Download and have fun!

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* Slyder™ is developed and licensed by Sandlot Games. Slyder PocketPC is developed by PocketMind.
Copyright 2000-2003, PocketMind Inc.